this week so far has been a bit of a whirlwind, getting caught up and thinking about the summer shows and working on new products.  one of the things on my mind is food.  when I was 14 I decided I couldn't eat meat and didn't eat meat until I was three months pregnant with lliam.  we were on a trip in barcelona and one day I started to cry and told j that I have this overwhelming urge to eat meat.  so since that day I ate meat, but recently I don't know what it is, but I am slowly pulling back and not as interested in eating meat - the other thing that is strange about my eating habits is that I can literally eat the same things everyday, j thinks it's odd.  not sure what's going on but I'm okay with the changes.

I will have new pouches listed in the online shop tomorrow.
and the giveaway is a bit delayed till next week, I wanted to make something to go with what I originally wanted to giveaway, so it will be good.


  1. I know what you mean about wanting to eat the same thing every day. I often do that - I think if we really are listening to our bodies we will do what is best for them. What you have assembled above looks absolutely wonderful for breakfast - I wish we had eat-o-vision ;-)!

  2. The knife lines in the avocado are beautiful! I eat the same thing everyday too – I'd rather work than prepare meals.

  3. i would eat avocado on toast every day too :)


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