hello friends,
we took an extra day off since it was a long weekend, we had our days filled with work and activities - on saturday margie joined us for the opening of Art in the Courtyard House hosted by studio junction (the folks designing our extension) basically their house was filled with design and art and it can viewed this coming weekend during doors open.

here's a few highlights, more on our weekend tomorrow.
we saw the most fantastic fireworks yesterday, we are still recovering from the long journey home afterwards.

enjoy the start to your week


  1. Looks like a perfect joyful weekend!

  2. thanks for inviting me. It was great fun.

  3. The picture of the shadows on the floor through that wonderful window remind me of some of your silk screen designs. What a beautiful place. The rocking chair is stunning!

    Your kids are getting so big! :-)

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend. Yay for bare feet weather! I spent my weekend in the garden. I miss the fireworks. We get a holiday here but it isn't Victoria Day in Quebec.


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