whenever I'm at a craft show my biggest weakness is pottery - I can never have too many, but this little beauty caught my eye and I had to have it.  I will try my best to draw on the pages - I tend to get a bit precious with hand-bound books, the cover was hand painted.  at the christmas city of craft I got a book with little houses on the cover.  I gave it to j and he has it by his bedside for sketching before bed.

it would be great to see my patterns in book form. hmmm?


  1. So lovely. I have the same love/respect relationship with beautiful blank books. It's like you have to make sure you write something really special on them.

  2. I'd love me some Bookhou cloth covered journals!

  3. I was about to say what Geninne said - I would love to see some journals with your designs on the cover. And it would be so nice to see all of your designs in a book for us to peruse.

  4. That's a beautiful book. I'm sure you'll fill it with interesting things. Your patterns would look lovely on journals/sketchbooks.


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