such a grey day, I usually don't mind the tones of the day, but when you need to do product shots it's really hard.  I have a new print to show you, plus the round storage will be on sale in the online shop and the light grey triangle print in the zip tote style.  so here's to hoping the next day will have a little more light.

the last image is piper's footprint on the studio wall - when lliam was 9 mths I had his hand and foot casted by a friend and I never did that for piper and felt badly so I started to take prints of her feet and I've been doing it every year and it's such a great way to follow her growth.


  1. i love these glimpses in and around bookhou. Piper and liam are so tall now.

  2. Grey days are hard to take but grey and red sure are beautiful together. We have snow predicted here tomorrow--just when spring seemed to really be here!


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