thank you everyone who stopped by and purchased the cactus wren wall art!
geninne and I were so excited to see them sell out so fast - we have more ideas planned, so stay tuned

I have the crosses pattern now available in the large pouch

check out the commercial for crown flora made by HEDDA films - starring piper :-)


  1. piper looks so adorable with cereal all over her darling face but i prefer her "real" mom

  2. Loved Piper, but tv mom needs to chill...hahaha I agree with Margie, I prefer Piper's real mom :)
    That top photo of Christine is super 'rock n roll baby', I love it! and the clutch is perfection incarnate.

  3. well I won't repeat what my friends above said before me ! The video is awesome, Piper is a star, Crown Flora's wares are just awesome as well, but come on ... lady, she shouldn't be in such a hurry !!! LOL
    Looking forward to receive & hang on my wall that amazing collaboration of yours & Geninne's !

  4. thats a really great bag.
    i found your blog and now I'm in love with this bag.
    i this i have to buy it.



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