yesterday I had a great day, I guess I had some clarity and feel so much better and it's really great!!
so I'm back on track and with one more month till the big spring craft show I will be a busy bee.

I am excited to see you at the show, it's nice to have some face time - j is working on a new booth design, I tell him all the time I won't change it and I do (he's great so he goes with it) - the booth will be mostly focused on bags and tea towels plus this type of storage containers.  my booth is small so I don't want to bring too many types of things.

I'm excited to put this bag in production (it will be available some time this week), I am going to make the straps a bit wider and proportionally make it 1 in. smaller - it doesn't seem like much but it makes a difference.

I'm really excited about this with the amazing geninne.


  1. You've gotten us all very excited about your collaboration !!
    Looking forward to it & all the others ! And the stamps !!

  2. I love everything you make!! I wish I could make a trip to the craft fair.


  3. i left this comment on geninne's blog
    i have known about this collaboration from its very conception and it is so very wonderful to see its day of birth draw near. What a very long gestation though, one might think you were making a little baby elephant:) If one didn't know better . Love you both so much.


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