one of the things I enjoy about making is taking things I've worked on and re-working the shape or play around the prints.  I find that there's a tendency to abandon things and move on to new things quickly.  I always look back at past work and try to see how I can reinterpret it.  I love the pocket bag design, mostly because the bag is really me, I'm not a big bag person and always like having a small bag for just the essentials and this one fits the bill.  

I hope you have fun things planned for your weekend, we plan to keep working hard and of course time loafing with the kids.  I love this photo of p - geez she's growing.
see you monday xxa


  1. i am really smitten with this new pocket bag. No surprise since I am so fond of pockets in general. That photo of p invoked two responses in me. !. she looks so much older that the last time i saw her and 2. She let someone brush her hair and put it in a pony tail with a pink bow:)

  2. Any chance you'll be making the pocket bag in the waxed canvas?

  3. I love it! Any chance you can squeeze one in my last order? Hope you haven't shipped it yet...but you're the quickest of the East ;-)

    1. Thanks sweetness, I just bought it :-) Can you invoice me to have the shipping be express for everything?

  4. I love it!!! so.. nice! (sorry i'm french my vocabular isn't very rich!)
    I love the little bag and the triangle print!! so beautiful!


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