thank you so much to those of you who had a chance to get a tea towel set, I will have another sale soon - I wish I had more, but my printing skills are getting better and I make less mistakes. 

I've been meaning to make more of these satchel bags, it was probably one of the first bag designs I ever made that didn't have a right angle,  I wanted to do the bottom portion with natural dye and I didn't get a chance to do it so I thought I would try to photoshop the image to see how it would look before venturing into it.  I really like how it looks and I probably would dye the top portion too, the only issue I have is that I would probably have to dye it before assembling it which is always tricky because you don't want to waste too much fabric. I am thinking of getting a portable burner so I can do the dying in the studio, I always feel weird having all the dye stuff in the kitchen.

I will have more to show you on monday so please come back and visit
I hope you enjoy your weekend! on sunday we are celebrating a special little girl's birthday


  1. I LOVE it!

    And a happy new year dear Arounna!

  2. maybe you could have a dye studio north of the city. I know just the right place:)
    Can't wait to wish piper a very happy 4th birthday. xo

  3. oooo-happy birthday to piper!

  4. You can definately dye it once made - dip dye and make sure you sew the bag with cotton thread so the thread picks up the colour too. Or you can at least dye the outer pieces once cut. Trust me!

  5. I love this - will be looking out for it in your shop :)


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