oh my goodness - I am so overwhelmed by the comments and support from all of you - thank you so much for taking the time to comment and to email me. I am so happy and lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people. all of you have reaffirmed to me - why I am doing this.

after a long day it was such a good idea to get out of the studio and check out the IDS show, it's a great show to visit - for years j and I did this show and all the talking was exhausting and we would never get to check out the show because we had to mind the booth, so it was nice to wander freely. we went on opening night which is filled with yummy food and all different kinds of drinks and treats and music everywhere, if you're in toronto I hope you plan to visit. one of my favourite areas at the show is studio north - it has smaller independent designers - I also really like this one booth that created an outdoor space with a table that had a trough in the center (I need to do that for our outdoor space when we renovate) - there was also a concept space of different working spaces all designed in shipping containers. some of the bigger booths do different things to get your attention like the a tile company that had jars of candy and they gave you paper bags and told you to help yourself - and at the entrance (first photo) there was these super huge balloon sculptures that I'm sure piper would just of loved to see.  don't forget there's also come up to my room and other design off site shows all weekend long.

have a great weekend friends - one day I hope I get to meet all of you in person and give you a big hug, but until then I will give you a virtual one.
 see you monday!!!


  1. This weekend will be my first time at IDS believe it or not! Great photos Arounna- there's so much to look forward to!

  2. i want bookhou decals on my car , hint, hint

  3. Ditto on the decals!! No, thank you Arounna for yesterday's post.... as a Letterpress printer I experience the EXACT same feelings from certain people. I realized that was a good thing and it pushed me to produce a video on my business, which I give out and folks can watch it in the comfort of there own home {and like it or not contact me, that's OK} You can watch it here if you have time:
    password is: cabinpress

    Keep doing your fabulous work + enjoy your day. Denise + the Mooseboy {tail wags to all}

  4. I love seeing all these photos! Decals on the car?! Sounds fantastic - they'd improve the looks of mine AND help hold it together ;)

  5. I just discovered your work on Etsy last year, and have enjoyed immensely both your end results and your discussion of the creative process. I think all of the items you make are stunning! There's such a direct honesty in the process and the materials that I find so appealing. I started a small Etsy shop a few months ago and I *know* you aren't charging enough!


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