I hope you had a good time ringing in the new year - I can't believe I have 6 months to enjoy my thirties and on to my fourties - the funny thing about age is that it's just a number.  j and I were talking about age and we feel that we just got started in our careers and finding our place, we have so much more to accomplish - such a wonderful feeling to know that you have so much planned and that the possibilities are endless.  

last year we had such a great start to the year with our business, we were a featured artist on etsy and we had the great coverage in covet garden (click the sidebar) and that resulted in lots of other blogs posting about it and we have been on a great trajectory.  I am still trying to keep the momentum going, that's how businesses like mine survive, you have to always move forward and I know that it can be hard, but one of the things I am happy to have is self-motivation and it helps me to move forward, and it doesn't hurt to have a guy in your life that is pretty darn great and is able to help you when decisions get tough.

I think the key to keeping everything going is to keep being who you are and to move forward with a lot of gusto and fire under your butt, and really believe in what you do.

I had someone ask me once why my life is so much about the business, and my response is that I feel everything with life and work and my artistic practice is so intertwined and that one feeds the other.  I honestly have to work and create to be happy and when I'm happy it's contagious to those around me and without my work I would be really empty.  it's wonderful to see the influence of our creative life in our kids and how they hold it with such reverence.

I manage during the break to make some pillows and I have a few new ones, window and bird perching and the return of an old favourite - anemone. I hope you like them :-)


  1. we all need to mind the rhythm and pattern to our life that works best for us. You have done that. I have done that too in a very different way. For obvious reasons because of my profession I have had to really separate my work from my creative and family life.

  2. Great to see your new work and hear what a good year 2012 was for you.
    Yes I agree it is hard when working creatively not to let work and artistic practice intertwine into your life.
    Happy New Year

  3. From time to time I also like reducing things, appointments around me. It is great to have new space araound me and in my head... The workflow needs a restart. I love your new designs you have made for the pillows. Happy new year. Iris


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