this past weekend we visited the gardiner museum for their culture days events, we were hoping to hit a few more locations, but after going to the gardiner and having dinner we were so tired.  the kids enjoyed making clay things (I made flowers) and hanging out with other kids.  the gardiner has a drop-in studio and I think I will be checking it out with the kids and doing a bit of throwing.

thank you to everyone who purchased a calendar wall art yesterday - I am so happy they were well received.


  1. What a nice place to go with the kids !
    I shall help with U's class in 2013 for a day trip to an archeological museum & there shall be a pottery workshop, I can't wait ! :)

  2. i will have to take geninne to visit that museum

    1. Yes please! ♥ Can we make flowers like Arounna? I also love what Ll + P are making.


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