I never want to throw out remnants, so I make these pouches. they are only available in the B&M shop or at the craft shows, but I might make them for sale in batches of threes, they would make great gifts - I've been meaning to do the animals on them too. I love getting samples, lovely coloured thread to sew my new leather wallets. 

p.s. the fabric 2013 calendar is launching this week - are you on the email listI will be giving you a coupon code for this item.


  1. Those are really nice pouches! i always like the patterns you make!


  2. I love the images you show lately
    and noticed you have a new lens
    and love it
    can you tell me what lens you use?
    because I desperately want a new one too
    for my beloved Nikon D80

    Patrice A.

  3. your little pouches are so useful and I just could have a hundred of them and still find things to keep in them. Making some animal print ones would be great!
    i think this is going to be a very bookhou christmas :)

  4. I love how your patterns take on a different look when they are used in the smaller items. The photo of the threads is beautiful.

  5. Bookhou leather wallets with beutiful colored thread...sign me up!!! I love all my tiny zippered puoches and use them all the time.

  6. You should never throw out remnants if you can turn them into something so pretty! I love your mini pouches!

  7. A fabric calendar by bookhou? My my... can't wait to see this :o)

  8. I agree with Geninne - sign me up for leather pouches!!! Love my little ones that go with my purse and tote. Leather ones sound fabulous.

  9. love the look of those coloured thread... can't wait to see what you make next!


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