I am having post-parent visiting blues - I'm not sad per se just a bit in a haze. I am still keeping up with creating piles and anxious to get some of my new projects done. lliam has had a great week so far at school and really enjoying the longer days - some of the benefits of having your kids active all day is they go to bed so quickly. lliam's tooth fell out at the cottage and a new bud is already sprouting - I was surprised I didn't know it happened that quickly. I don't know if I mentioned that one day at his summer camp - his counsellor due to very poor judgement told the the kids a scary story about a clown. I think clowns are scary and lliam already had issues with being scared of the dark and it's been almost a month since the incident and he still gets bad clown dreams. I am so mad that the camp would not tell their counsellors that scary stories are not appropriate for 6 yr olds - I hope it doesn't linger too long. I still have flashbacks from watching the exorist at a young age.

I love how the wood houses look in the shop, I took a photo of them in use. j uses them in the kitchen for all his cookbooks - personally I like them as objects.
p.s. book covering tutorial here


  1. I love the houses
    I have a thing for houses
    and my handy dad
    made some for me

    Patrice A.

  2. I love your esthetic eye, your products are amazing!
    Very poor judgement from the cousellor!
    My girl is terrified of clowns, only now when she is already 7 years old, she has been able to be in the same room with a clown. She doesn't think they are funny but she tolerates them. It was really hard when she was younger since all kids events and happenings have clowns - even McDonalds ( that I did not mind at all, LOL)

  3. There is always that period after dear ones leave that there is a bit of emptiness and quiet, I try to fill the void like you, by keeping busy. Parents are so dear. I am glad Lliam has had a good week at school and hope his bad dreams pass. I'm with you on the clown thing...I don't like them either or people in masks for that matter. I guess I don't like the fact that they are "hiding" their real selves behind makeup or a mask yet they can see the real you. I think as a child they can be very frightening because they are so "in your face" with their actions and assume everyone likes them. I love the houses and thanks for the tutorial for book covering, I think I will give it a try.

  4. I have a huge clownphobia. Actually, anything with a painted face or a mask scares me, because I can not see "the real person". I've had this since I was even younger than Illiam. I think finding ways to show him clowns aren't scary might help him. It probably would've helped me back then!

    On another note, the wooden houses are adorable!

  5. we shielded all of our children from horror movies and violence when they were young but I am always shocked at how some let there children watch just about anything on a screen. I love the houses alone or used as bookends they are also amazing and very functional.

  6. the houses are so great and also functional

  7. love the houses. i tried making a house out of some BC Yellow Cedar. It sits wonky but smells great!
    (love your new blog header too!).


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