thank you, thank you! - I'm so glad to see more snap wallets headed to new homes
I have a lot of small remnant leather that is too thin for bag straps so I decided to play around with it and decided to make into a bracelet, I really like the knotting, I think I should make more and have them for sale. I hate seeing fabric and material go to waste.

I really enjoyed the film I saw last night - when j and I were at the cottage we toiled with the idea of moving to the country, but to be able to just walk out our door to a great place like the tiff light box and watch a film is hard to beat.

I had so much to share this week, but not enough time so I will save it for next week, the last image is a peek to a new print called "stones" - I did a sketch of it when I went to vancouver and I just now was able to put in on screen. I have a multitude of screens thanks to my bro's watchful eye. he called me one night and said, "there's a bunch of aluminum screens on the side of the road" and I said are you sure it's just not people in the process of moving, so we decided to wait on snatching it and hours later they were still sitting on the side of the road and he piled them in his car and drove them over, they must of been from someone doing t-shirts they had oil base ink on it, I cut off the mesh and cleaned the frames and they were ready to be re-stretched. so a new container of emulsion later and trying my best to do new patterns. this image has already been printed and I LOVE IT!!! - p.s. margie these stones remind me of your beautiful crochet covered stones.

also next week I will show you the LL+P work that is available for sale, the kids are excited and ask me if I showed the "people" on the computer yet?

have a great weekend friends! don't forget about the junction flea on sunday, a&d will be there.


  1. Ooooh I love the bracelet and the stones so much.

  2. it always feels so exciting, like christmas , when you show us a new screen. This one in particular is so wonderful.
    looking forward to sunday.

  3. I want a bracelet, I love that you use every scrap possible. The stone screen is a work of art and being that I love rocks, I guess I'll be buying whatever you put this new design on.

  4. Looking forward to see what your little makers have come up with this time. Love the stones design too. Thank you for sharing.

  5. great find on the old screens! cant wait to see the new work you make with them xxx


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