thank you so much for the great response to the small totes - it's so hard to pick one that was popular, there was even amounts that sold - I'm thinking I should probably make more. my folks are leaving in a month and mom today was in a bit of a panic - she was saying that even with all the work we've done, there isn't any stock for the big craft show in the fall, I started to hyperventilate a little and put the job posting up - there's four of us working hard everyday, long hours and we're not caught up - the handmade business is HARD work! - so we are taking a few days off to recharge our batteries, the summer is almost over and the kids are anxious to get me in the lake. I'll still be around the internet, but not as much as usual.

j recently finished this table that is heading off to vancouver - oh I hope there will be pics of it in it's new home.

happy weekend friends! - and to my ontario friends enjoy your long weekend

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  1. john's table is wonderful
    I do hope you hire someone perfect to help you in the fall
    Have fun jumping in the Lake, the water is sooo warm this summer


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