I purchased this beautiful basket at the CNE - they have this building called the international building and there's stores from all over the world. margie was sporting one when we checked out the junction flea together and I had to get one too, I'm glad I found this at the show, it's was a great deal - I wish I bought more, but we were walking home and I couldn't carry more than one and push a stroller, it's made from elephant grass and naturally dyed.

I was happy to see j bring upstairs a pile of wood houses all ready to be sanded. there will only be a few available, not sure if I will post it online (it's heavy and would cost a lot to ship)

p.s. sale on this beautiful large pouch


  1. i use my basket almost everyday. I bought it last summer at a garage sale in town for next to nothing and I wish I had bought more too.

  2. Gorgeous basket. I have quite the basket fetish myself as they're so perfect for holding things and making things just look pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  3. That basket is so beautiful it's driving me nuts! :-)

    1. I should of gotten one for you - they were super cheap!
      mine was squished and I soaked it in water and sprung back to life.

  4. Your basket is a stunner! I have a crap copy of it from Whole Foods...Jules


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