I am happy to show you the stones image printed - I put them on different size pouches, the small one is only available in the b&m shop and I am making the pouches taller (by 1 in.) I like the size, it's also got a stiffer twill lining, giving it more durability - all the oblong pouches will be this new size. I also printed the stones image on tea towels. I hope you like them as much as I do. will show you some prints on the storage boxes tomorrow.

lliam's bottom middle tooth is loose and we are trying to get him excited about it, he's a bit nervous and is asking tons of questions, he asks me to wiggle it every few minutes. wow, he's growing up so fast.


  1. This new print is amazing & looks fabulous on everything !!
    hey, yay for a wobbly tooth, the tooth fairy actually stopped by this past night :) Big hugs to him, for his upcoming special event !

  2. i adore my stone pouch so much. The first lost tooth in your first born is a very special occasion.

  3. Your new stones print is lovely. I also think of pomegranates when I look at it. It is exciting to lose those first teeth. Brings back memories for me of years of quietly sneaking into bedrooms to exchange teeth for loonies. Kept them all too. No idea why. :)

  4. I LOVE this new print! The pouch looks gorgeous! I'm saving all my pennies for my next Bookhou purchase :-)

  5. Yeah Liam! My son just lost his first tooth and has a second one wobbling away. Perhaps LL&P will do tooth pouches. For the toothfairy? X

  6. I ADORE this new print. It reminds me a bit of Mina Perhonen. Do you know this Japanese clothing line?

    1. mp is my absolute favourite company
      thanks nicole


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