this week flew by
I had a lot of catching up to do and it was almost like a marathon - trying to get to the finish line. it's still far away but my parents helping in the studio makes it easier, sometimes my parents treat me like a kid and I sometimes let them, I admit I get annoyed by it, but when you're tired and busy and if they want to make things easier for you, heck why not. they are both only here for a month and a half, I have to face the fact that the business is growing and I am going to put work into getting help in the studio. I know it will be difficult to find someone close to the help I've been getting, but I know the right person(s) are out there. I will have to work on that once the craziness settles a bit.

I am trying to find time to do non-production work, I started this piece on our nyc trip, one of the things I enjoy doing is applique work, the piecing and layering is a very organic process and it's fun to play around with colours and shapes, I have a stash of my natural dyed fabric that I've been hoarding and decided it's time to use it again. I will be spending a few hours today photographing flowers at a wedding, will show you pics next week.

have a good one friends! xxa


  1. i love your "non production" work so much , it is so nice that you have had a little time to work on it

  2. you have such a good eye not only for color, but texture, as well - please keep us updated on this piece?

  3. I already love this piece very much
    it's good news that you'll need a help, it means your business has really gotten bigger & bigger & bigger !
    I missed you & your posts while I was away.

  4. Beautiful piece! I agree with Kat, please show us more.


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