EC collage homagelliam + fabric lliam collaging
it's been a real balance entertaining the kids while trying to finish up work before our trip, they were going through craft projects so quickly and I perused through some of the older projects I use to do on bloesem kids craft projects for ideas to entertain them and came across these projects that I did with lliam (he's so wee in these photos, it feels like a life time ago) - I forgot how fantastic this was. it will be really busy the next few days and off we go to the big apple, it was a great feeling to get all the orders out. thanks for all your well wishes for a fantastic trip, I hope to see you here soon when I report from the trip.
have a great weekend friends! xxa


  1. i love the top image, have a fun trip, you deserve it as you work so hard. :-))

  2. I totally love that top image... it is just gorgeous! Love it!

  3. THANK YOU so much for the beautiful ▲▲▲▲ bag and purse!!!
    - J


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