I use to wonder why people vacation on tropical islands and lay around - I think on my next vacation that's just what I need. we started our third day "top of the rock" - we were debating going the empire state building, but to be honest the line ups were shorter at the rockefellar centre. the views were spectacular, downstairs in their square there was about a dozen food vendors selling food and we had hamburgers and ice cold lemonade. afterwards lliam was in heaven (the largest lego store). we headed to SOHO and always enjoy a visit to pearl river and pearl paints and I walked by orla keily's shop - and j poked my arm and said "don't you want to check that out" - and I leaped. it's a beautiful shop! we took a break at washington square and cool off at the park and took a walk to the yummiest ramen house - ippudo is a must visit


  1. your photos are spectacular! So glad you are sharing this trip with us -

  2. there is something to be said for just staying in one spot and relaxing, reading , perhaps with a little stitching or knitting. But then again I do love discovering the hidden treasures of anywhere I happen to be.

    1. I agree - it's also great to see the sites through the kids eyes


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