ny2012-3 ny2012-2 ny2012 ny2012-4 ny2012-5 I think that photo of piper pretty much summed up the trip
we are all happy to be back home after a week of eating, looking and plenty of walking - I had opened back the online shops while I was still away and yesterday and today was back to getting into the groove of things, with my mom and dad's help I am hoping to shorten lead times and get orders out as soon as I can, I am going to try and get all the orders out today that are not the zip totes, I have made a lot of progress on the weekend, so that won't be as long as I mentioned on the listings. I had brought a bunch of embroidering to do in the hotel room and of course by the end of the exhausting days, a little bit of tv with the kids and we all fell fast asleep. I have a whole new batch of snap wallets to show you - hopefully tomorrow, some of them have the drop cloth patterns and they are pretty amazing looking, can't wait to show you. I will be posting them 12 at a time till they are all sold.

I hope your weekend was wonderful, the thunderstorm yesterday is sure to cool things down around here. a big thank you to all of you for entering the fb giveaway, I will announce a winner later today.
happy monday friends! xxa


  1. Thanks ! u too !!! Your blog is beautiful !!!!! see you soon...

  2. we had hours of refreshing rain yesterday and I think I was out in the garden in a similar pose to piper:)
    so lovely for you to return home with your mom and dad still there

  3. I think you both are amazing for taking your kids to NY- I keep promising my boys that we will go too, but then I take them out for a day trip and think about how they would manage with the flight and walking and different food/schedule. I think in the next year they will be more ready but traveling with kids is a different experience!! Hope you felt like you got the break you sooo deserved!! H

    1. hi heather,
      there were some difficult moments for sure, but overall it was a fun experience. yeah our flight is less than an hour making it so much easier. I think next time if we go we will wait till piper is out of a stroller. lliam kept wanting to sit in the stroller, even though he was way to big for one. I think at one point lliam was in the stroller and piper was on his shoulders and it lasted only a block. good thing piper is still light enough to be carried, she spent a lot of time on j's shoulders.


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