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what a weekend! I hope you had a great father's day. j is the hardest working dad, he's basically the foundation that holds everything together, without him we would all be in trouble :-)

I had a fun friday with the etsy team coming in to film me and two other makers and I'm a bit nervous, I don't like being on the other side of the camera, fingers crossed I don't look silly. the meet-up was fun, great to meet other etsy sellers. I hope this will be first of many meet-ups. I ended the evening having dinner at terroni's with the gang minus children (so nice to have grown-up conversation and not rush eating) I am super excited for tomorrow to come, my mom will be here, not only is she great help in the studio, but a fantastic cook, time to gather my stretchy pants!
have a great start to your week friends! xxa


  1. i love that you were wearing your san miquel de allende dress::)

  2. When I saw the top photo, I thought 'Oh dear' that was before your late-night finger mishap. Hope all is well this morning. Love the photos. That tattered ceiling is gorgeous. Your 'stretchy' pants comments made me laugh. Enjoy your mom's visit.

  3. Can't wait to see that video !
    I sure your fingers will heal VERY fast
    Enjoy your mom as much as you can !


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