lily's pie lily's pie2
my friend lily dropped off this beautiful pie with a pint of ice cream on sunday. it was a thank you for using my tent. I will take thank you's in the form of food any day, it was super delicious, I had it for breakfast. thanks again lily and glen!

this week is the last week for school and the poor guy is ill and I hope he doesn't miss the entire week, and the countdown begins for our trip to ny, mom and dad will hold the fort while we're away, I am still debating if the online shops should be closed for two weeks or if I should have a ship date. j thinks I should have a break and shut it down. the brick and mortar will be closed that week. we planned this new york trip after I got back from mexico, I felt guilty for having such a good time, that I wanted to go with the kids somewhere fun, they are super excited to fly, we might get to the airport a bit early just so they can hangout and watch the planes. we are travelling light so that we can bring back lots and lots of goodies. toronto is definitely where my heart is, but if I had to choose a city to live in, hands down it would be new york.


  1. Just close your shop and take a break, it will be good for you! Have a great time!

  2. I say do whatever will make you most relaxed. Hope the trip is fantastic for all of you and I hope little L gets better to enjoy his last bit of school for the year.
    And a great big happy birthday to you, I'm sure your sweet family will treat you in many lovely ways.

  3. I do wish Liam has a very speedy recovery. It is usually so much fun those last few days of school and the anticipation of summer vacation, especially with an exciting NYC trip in the near future. I would close both shops and just have a relaxed vacation. You can work hard when you get home with all your wonderful parental help. Lots of love, margie

  4. Happy birthday my friend !!!!
    I hope you'll have a great day today and that L will feel much better ASAP.
    You must be soooo excited to leave soon for NYC !! :)

  5. Feliz cumpleaños señorita!!!! Close the shop! You'll enjoy your vacation a lot more :-) Have fun in NY! and take lots of instagrams for us.

  6. I'm with everyone else. Close the shop and have a real vacation. We are in NY soon too. First time for Emma and Chloé. Can't wait. Happy Birthday Arounna and Get Well Soon Lliam!


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