when I was in graduate school I lived in a house off campus with three other people (most likely they won't be reading this) a few of them were so messy and at the end of the day I would be cleaning up after them, because I couldn't function in those spaces and evidently it caused animosity, needless to say I spent most of my waking hours at the studio (which didn't work out to be such a bad thing) - well living with two small kids that don't do the best job cleaning up gives me flashbacks to the messy roommate days. it slowly gets better as I try to establish routines, like doing a clean up before dinner and getting them to start bussing their own plates. I think when people meet me, they say how do you do it? it's not easy spending your time working on your business and doing house work and raising a family - I have the upmost respect for single parent houses, I couldn't do it all without leaning on john, but through the years I also learned to be less uptight and it's okay if it looks like a hurricane went through the house and the piles of laundry don't get folded, sometimes it's okay to leave the housework for a day or so, there's no harm.

I couldn't resist making a bag for myself using the vees pattern all the colours and tones works so nicely together, maybe I'll make a few for the shop? - wow the weather here has been fantastic! so balmy.


  1. i have never been obsessed with cleaning but what I always tell people that your children will not remember how clean the house was when they were growing up but the time you spent doing things with them. I love your new bag so much.

  2. It's ok to leave the housework for...more days too, when kids aren't that young!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Our house is never exactly neat although now Meeko is the worse one for leaving toys around. With Emma and ChloƩ, it's textbooks, iPods, nail polish bottles or craft things.

    I would happily own day bags in all of your patterns. I was just thinking yesterday how much I love my triangle day bag. It's the perfect size for me.

  4. I think you are the bee's knees :-) please make vees bags for the shop, I want one!!!

  5. Messiness...it's a daily battle hey!! Drives me a bit mental too! It takes a good ten minutes to do a clean up (my little man is very slow at cleaning up) and then two minutes later it's back to how it was... arghhhh! So... I try to do a clean up just before nap time so then at least I get a tidy lounge room for two hours :)

    Your new bag looks absolutely gorgeous! It's always nice to make yourself something lovely once in a while :)


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