hello everyone
what a sunny gorgeous day here in toronto - you can tell from the smiles on faces walking by the shop that they are happy to be outside - I will be heading out soon to go to a birthday party. I wanted to show you this new bag that I did - I have done this type of bag in the past but have always wanted to create a wide side seam and it was always a challenge to line things up - but I have a few more sewing hours under my belt, so it worked out and I love it - it's lined with organic cotton twill with heavy waxed canvas on the outside, so it's super sturdy. I really like the extra pockets on the outside. I wanted to start calling the bags names , rather than use the word tote all the time, so j and I brainstormed and he said how about THE DUNDAS - and I thought sounds good to me. I hope you like it.
enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I love the Dundas very very much !! Great job, team !

  2. The Dundas is a great name for the bag :-)

  3. I love this bag! I am so impressed with all the new product that you are constantly producing. Great work!

  4. what a great bag! Love your new work, Arounna...and it's so nice to follow along on your blog. I'm hoping to come and visit your shop someday - soon, I hope....

  5. love the bag and the name!! will you offer it in other prints/colors combos later?

  6. thanks friends! always nice to have your support and kind words


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