already friday - boy that went fast and it's already near the end of the month
we've got a jammed pack weekend filled with multiple birthday celebrations and work!
my dad turns 65 tomorrow - yeah !! - we will celebrate with a backyard bbq
we are creatures of habit, j starts every morning with a cup of coffee made with this lovely piece we got from mjolk, with coffee he's been rationing that I got from mexico
we also got this berry bowl
as we enjoy the sunshine - lliam's face is starting to freckle more - I love these little freckles
have a great weekend friends! psst don't forget about the set sale starting at 2pm EST


  1. i finished off my mexican coffee long ago
    it was so good
    can't wait for geninne to visit us and bring some more:)

  2. Nothng better than good coffee made with a Melitta filter! What a beautiful set!

    And what a beautiful boy, as well - all of your creations bring beauty to the world ~

  3. have a great b-day party: Happy Birthday, Mr. Khounnoraj


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