getting back to work is hard, I said to j that it's like jumping into a freezing cold swimming pool, but I got through the day and will be finishing off the first set of bag orders and will be able to ship them out tomorrow, I'm happy that it will ship out before the date I suggested, I always try to over estimate the timeframe. I wanted to show you a few pictures of treasures I got from the spring craft show. and the the first photo is of geninne's nature collection. when I was visiting geninne, she gave me some wonderful advice and tips on taking photos and I feel like my world of photo taking has really opened - as I slowly show you photos from my trip I hope you do notice the photos are much better. I thought that I took pretty good photos, but I believe you can always be better and it's always good to have an outlook on improving and I am so excited about my new found photo skills.


  1. gorgeous images
    it was so much fun seeing you squealing with glee at learning some new tricks with your camera

  2. It's good to learn from each other. I could learn a thing or two from ChloƩ here. She's been taking some pretty spectacular photos lately and she's only 12! Those woven cups are really beautiful.

  3. Can't wait to see Mexico through your lens! Hey girl, I miss you making little watercolor patchworks in my studio ;-)

  4. I'm so glad you had such a grant time at Geninne's
    Not that I had a doubt about it !!!
    I'm pretty curious about which photo tricks G taught you !


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