wow, what a beautiful weekend. I hope yours was lovely too. we spent our weekend in the shop and having time playing at the park - the kids love the park so much and we are so happy we are near trinity bellwoods park, this small piece of green in the city is such an important part of our neighbourhood.

I had a bit of this hemp and linen denim fabric left and after taking a small survey on fb I decided to make bags rather than a few aprons - aprons do take up more fabric. I like having a small bag as part of the collection because there are times when you're out and about and you want your hands free and just need to bring a few things - go and have a look at the SM DAY BAG - anemone. I love it and hope you do too.

part of our morning will be spent at ikea looking for shelves and a new sink for our kitchen. I love browsing the fabric section and always walk away with piles of fabric for projects I want to make for our home.

have a great monday! xxa


  1. lovely! Love the white anemone on the dark linen! I always love white ink!

  2. the bag turned out so great
    it's the right size for daily life
    (and I can't get enough of this linen denim !!)

  3. Hope you have more of these size bags at the OOAK show.
    One day, I will make a point of coming to your shop. Looks lovely.


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