hello friends,
I hope you had a lovely weekend, we had some snow and it lasted for about 15mins and it warmed up, I just don't understand this weather. I got so much done on the weekend, but still not caught up - I am getting my mom to help me sew the work for the spring craft show and on sunday I worked on my drawings and j will get them printed in a large format for me after he helps his sister move. I can't wait to show you these new images. lliam and piper is really enjoying using this small toy sewing machine, it was purchased by my brother at the annual textile museum yard sale and on our way home I asked for it for piper. he reluctantly gave it to me, it's in mint condition and still has the box - I think the kids like how it works and actually sews. you might notice that p is wearing nail polish - a new thing that she enjoys, kol kid sells non-toxic water based ones, that comes off in the bath.
happy monday! xxa


  1. is she moved in then already?
    It will be lovely to have J's sister so close by.

    1. beginning of march
      she's moving some things to newmarket
      yes - it will be great to visit you both at the same time

  2. Oh, what a beautiful sewing machine. My son also loves sewing. It is so much fun when you share the same passion.
    You make beautiful thing. Truly amazing.

  3. such a great find, no wonder why P & L loves to use it ! what a little treasure !
    I wish I had had such a treasure when I was their age !
    Have a great new week my friend !

  4. What a great machine. So much better than the plastic toy type.

  5. She looks so intent! What a cutie and the machine too. Your brother is very generous. Why don't they make kids' machines like this anymore?

  6. Lovely little sewing machine:) Like Mama like daughter!

  7. that is just the sweetest little sewing machine, perfectly pint-sized for P. love how focused she looks in the first photo - taking after her mama!

  8. What a lucky find! Piper looks like a natural already and working with linen, no less!

  9. that sewing machine is darling! So good that Piper is already learning how to use the machine! SO CUTE!


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