hello friends,
I hope you had a lovely weekend - I had a great night out with j - I felt like it's a different world without the kids, of course the evening is filled with conversations about them and planning where to take them on the next outing, as much as we liked our alone time with each other, we couldn't help but miss the kids.

thanks everyone for your kind words on the giveaway, I will have to make a pair of the porcupine napkins for myself, they are so sweet. Cynthia Higgins - congratulations! you are the random winner chosen - please email me your shipping address.

my mom will be arriving friday, as I type this I am planning in my head all the yummy things she will make me and later in the week I will organize all my piles of fabric ready for her sewing help.
happy monday! xxa


  1. mommies are always so very helpful
    so glad you enjoyed your date night with J
    I know about missing the kids when they're not there
    even though it hardly ever happens

  2. so happy your mom is returning for a helpful visit

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and are planning a good week. I saw a concert (Jim Cuddy--so good!) with a girlfriend Friday and went out to dinner with my husband last night. I don't go out much so it was a nice change. :)

  4. Thanks and much gratitude!
    Am sending my shipping info via email.

    Cynthia Higgins


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