hi everyone,
I hope you had a nice week filled with creative activity - I have a busy weekend up ahead - lots of orders to finish and ship out and my little girl's birthday party to plan for, I feel bad for piper, her birthday is close to the holidays and I wish I had more time to do more fanfare, but I think she'll be happy with what we have planned. I feel like time is going by so fast - I was looking at photos of the kids when they were much younger and my heart just ached. I really wish there was a pause button. I'm leaving you today with a new bag that is very limited, only three available, made from a beautiful green wool I bought from mood fabrics in NYC (if you never been, you must visit - it's quite a treat) and a heavy weight waxed canvas bottom.
thanks again for all your feedback this week both here - on your blogs, on FB and the emails - all of you are truly the kindest.
enjoy your weekend! much love xxa


  1. it has been so fun to watch piper grow. She is a sweet child.
    That bag is very lovely.

  2. what a gorgeous bag !! so very cozy looking ! and such beautiful textures !

  3. I know that ache but don't worry. There are many beautiful years ahead.

    I am so happy to see so much happening for Bookhou recently--the articles, the lists, the mentions. You work so hard and make such beautiful things. It is wonderful that others are taking notice.

  4. I love the new bag! The colors and textures work very well together.

  5. I love this bag. Great work Arounna.

  6. That wool looks very lovely! Perfect combination with the waxed canvas and leather. And I'm sure your daughter will love her party!


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