when I take photos for the e-mag and because I use a digital camera - it's hard not to take hundreds of photos - I'm getting better now that I try to not take as many photos - the reason is if you take so many photos you have to spend so much time trying to decide on the ones you want to use. I really like these photos even though they didn't get used. I like the photo of nick - you get a sense of how hot his studio is - if you've never been in a glass hot shop - the heat is pretty intense. when I was in my first year in art school, I would hangout in the glass studio and tried my hand at blowing glass, but it was short lived because I just couldn't handle the heat.


  1. Whoa that is sure a nice experience! Glad to see one of these glass shops I often neglect. Great shots. :D

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  2. Your photos are stunning. I can only imagine how hard it is to pick favorites.

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy what you share here and in the mag. The beauty you show is inspiring.


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