it's been busy in the studio and also at home - the kids have been busy playing and checking out all their new toys - it keeps them busy for hours. we are lucky that the kids are low maintenance (for the most part) and like to hangout with each other. which frees up time for me to work on my many projects and there are piles of activity everywhere. even though I feel like everything is moving a mile a minute - around me is pretty quiet. we finally got snow and the streets have a nice calmness at night. after the snowfall we were going to go check out the park, but decided to stay in - it was too cold outside. a few months ago my iron broke down and I decided to get this rowenta steam iron (and it is the BEST iron) - also a few months ago I got a shipment of new fabric - rolls of waxed canvas. I had wanted to play with it when I got it, but the craft show madness took over. next week I will have new bags to show you. here's a little peek. I can't believe that it's the end of the year - this has been a full year of working on the business full-time - no teaching jobs to balance our income, and it has proven to be a good decision. I can't wait to see what the new year brings our little family.
I hope you enjoy ringing in the new year - thanks again for all your support! xxa


  1. i wonder when the street scene will become a silk screen

  2. the snow covered dundas street and the lines fabric have great similarities
    It is a winter wonderland up here

  3. Hello dear lady, it's been a while since I visited... You seem to have had a very joyous holiday season... Christmas is such a lovely time for the children , ours too can play for hours with each other ... Freeing up painting time for me.
    Cant wait to see more creations with your new fabric.
    Wishing you an amazing 2012!

  4. Happy new year to you too! Can't wait to see what 2012 will bring!

  5. Happy New Year 2012: I wish for you great moments with your family, a lot of inspiration and success in your work and a good health to appreciate all that!


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