the craft show is ending this weekend - I must say it has been a whirlwind, our featured seller on etsy plus the craft show in vancouver did me in - in terms of inventory and plus all the wholesale. you would think after this many years I would get it right - I was spending my days at home sewing and getting it to the booth and they would quickly sell and I would make more again. It was helpful this year to have studio assistants, but it was too late in the season so no matter how hard we worked it was not enough.
so you know how I never get sick and if I do - it's every 15 years, well that terrible thing that piper was battling was passed on to me, I am so grateful I don't get sick often, because it down right sucks. I am on the mend with the help of antibiotics and an inhaler. I physically feel fine, but my hacking and coughing wasn't good for the booth, so john's been minding the booth. sorry if I missed any of you who visited. I have to do a talk at the craft show tomorrow to a group of high school students, talking about running a business and my craft journey, I did it last year and it was a lot of fun and I was happy they asked me back.
the image above is a pouch I made from remnant leather, I don't make a lot of leather goods, but there's something tactile about it that I really like, if I do make more I will have to get a walking foot machine, because my current industrial just rips into it, luckily those details are on the inside part. I am planning a really big sale in the shop mid week, I will send you a newsletter (if you're on the list) on the exact date and start time - it will only be for one day or till it's sold. there will be a lot of great things at great prices - for you or a last minute gift - I have to also mention - I can't guarantee holiday shipping, it's so hard to predict with the postal service, so if it gets to you great! if not I'm sorry.
enjoy your weekend friends, three more days of the show and I can rest.xxa


  1. Bummer! Being sick when you don't have time to be sick is the worst! Take good care of yourself and get well soon! (btw, the leather pouches are lovely!!)

  2. when the show is done I think you should really catch up on some sleep
    The pouch is so lovely
    not sure about the size but could make a lovely laptop case:)

  3. I was wondering if you might get "it", you've been working so hard with not much rest...

    glad to hear you're on the mend

    the booth looks great

    hope you'll be making more ceramics

  4. Sorry to hear that you are still sick. Hopefully once the craft show madness stops, you'll be able to rest a bit (yah right).

    Take good care.

  5. oh no, gosh, what a bad timing for being sick
    I hope medicines will be a great relief as soon as possible
    LOVE the leather pouch above.
    you take good care, OK ?

  6. Get well, take some time to relax!And remember if you are not well nothing (family and job) will be well either!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear you are under the weather! Come down to Mexico and take a break, the sun will do you good ;-) I have that pouch and I use it for my passport when I travel and love it to pieces!

  8. the pouch is lovely!
    get well soon :)

  9. I hope tear-down goes smoothly and you are able to get home early! Get well soon! It was wonderful meeting you and John :)


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