thanks to all of you who came by our both yesterday - it was a very successful day and I am almost sold out of my new ceramics. john had gone to booth sit so that I can get more sewing done and when I went to the show in the afternoon there was hardly anything left. my jaw dropped - I didn't realize how well received they would be - I will definitely make more and offer them in etsy too. I have a great idea to ship them to protect them during transit. unlike textiles, ceramics requires way more organization, you can't go home the night before and whip up some new pieces - I can't wait to make more. the first image is a tumbler that I did a shoot with for the next issue of b.a.h. mag and the second shot was just before they were fired.
around the house is littered with toys and laundry folded and unfolded - we embrace the chaos during these times and don't fret over unfinished chores, more important things must be done, the kids love it, I havn't once told them this week to clean up after themselves. I look forward to seeing more of you this next week and thanks so much for your continued support - we all appreciate it. and on that note.
a happy thanksgiving to all my american friends. have a great weekend! xxa


  1. chaos is necessary from time to time (yes I said that LOL), because afterwards, you feel like doing a bit clean & everything feels so much fresher, like a blank slate, ready to be filled again.
    The tumblers are amazing, I remember the sneek peak in July (lucky me). The smoke tree pattern & the birdies are my favorite. I hope you'll have them in your online shop after ... the chaos. :D

  2. embracing the chaos can be a wonderful thing
    life is too short to spend ones time putting things neatly away
    especially when you have amazing things to make

  3. I am not at all surprised that your lovely ceramics are doing so well!

  4. I love the mugs even more now that I've seen the sweet details inside them!

    Have a great show & weekend.

  5. that's fantastic, Arounna
    although i was hoping to get the bird motif but i guess i'll have to wait.
    see you soon

  6. I'm thankful for all the handmade beauty in my life - including some by Bookhou! Thank you.

    (p.s. did you see your inclusion in December's Chateline gift guide? It was lovely so see so many hand-made wonders as suggestions.)

  7. The cups are lovely! Congrats!
    Yes shipping ceramics is somewhat of an art! Bubble wrap, cardboard strips around it, eco-packing peanuts and then the box usually works good for me.
    Might need to find out where you got your decals made- they look great!:)

  8. thanks everyone

    heather - I made the decals myself - I screen print them with an overglaze, email me and we can chat more about it.

  9. Loooooooove the new ceramics :-)

  10. I love the new ceramics and so happy you had a successful show!

  11. the ceramics look adorable! can't wait to see them in the your etsy shop!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful ceramics!
    We have a lego blanketbag here at home, very simple & wonderful. Get a large blanket or sheet, put eyelets all the way around with a drawstring. The girls just spread it out to sit on then when finished, pull the string & all the little bits are in the blanket pouch! (We often live on chaos too, more fun things to do then nag:)


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