such long days here - john's been under the weather so I've been going solo on studio production. so I'm more tired than usual - yesterday while I was taking a break from my large pile of sewing I made myself a large oblong pouch (10in. wide) from some linen I dipped in the indigo and dyed in pomegranate. I really like the grey of the linen - the colour is originally an oatmeal colour, seeing the quality of the dyeing on the linen makes me want to do more dyed pieces in linen, I like the texture - so more dyed bags in linen is on my list of things to do - there will be more indigo dyeing today - I ran out of drying space so I had to do it in two sessions. I really like how the dipped market totes turned out - they will be coming to vancouver with me, I hope I can squeeze more work in before I leave monday. I find the daily administration work and organization can take up so much of your time and before you know it the day is over.
a place that puts a smile on my face


  1. You are funny. You take a break from sewing and sew something. :) It's very beautiful though. The indigo and grey are a lovely soft combination.

    Thanks for the link to that site. It made me laugh out loud.

  2. my vats are indoors and still going strong if you need any dipping help you could send some north. I have loads of drying room too:)

  3. ooh, i look forward to seeing more of these. i too really like how dye looks on linen.

  4. dyed linen, specially with indigo, has that "ancient" (or antique, if you prefer) look that is so attractive. I'm also looking forward to more of these in your shop, my friend


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