it's good to be back - thank you vancouver friends for making my trip a great success. It was a short trip and here are a few photo highlights - the first thing you notice when going to vancouver is the beautiful mountains. I saw the mountains on my last day - there was too much fog and the peaks were not visible. on my one day off I ventured to granville island to visit two of my favourite shops - paper ya and maiwa. granville island has a lot of little shops and a lovely food market called the public market. during this day trip I wished I packed my rubber boots and a warmer sweater, my day was cut short because I am a wimp with wet and cold days.
it was a nice experience at the show and everyone I met was super friendly - I hope to return soon. I arrived in toronto early monday morning at 6am (red eye flights suck) and I am already head deep into printing (thanks to john, kristin and my dad for cutting, cutting and cutting while I was away). my mom arrived this afternoon with baguettes and croissants in tow (my mom is convinced that france has the best bread). I am also working on some new pieces and will have more to tell you later.
I missed you all xxa
I was in love with this tree house in judi's backyard
inside paper ya
loved the places I ate at - ramen noodles at motomachi shokudo (thanks elaine - super yummy) - had a fun time at hapa izakaya in kitsalano - we ended the meal with creme brulee. and lastly guu in gastown - you must try the mushroom and rice with cheese - YUM.


  1. Aside from the unfriendly weather :( glad your trip was a success! It was so wonderful to meet you at the market and hope you do make your way back here again soon!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! Sounds like you would have needed a few handknits though...


  3. please say hello to your mom for me
    i need to drop by sometime on the weekend

  4. So nice to wake up to your blog post again. :) Great photos. That is a storybook-quality treehouse. Good luck with all of your work and enjoy your time with your family.

  5. oh, wow. that tree house is amazing!

  6. How beautiful! Glad you had fun out west! You were greatly missed :) Glad you're back!

  7. Hi Arounna!
    It was so nice to meet you at the show. It looks like Elaine gave you some pretty good recommendations restaurant-wise! I'm convinced Motomachi is the best for ramen too! I hope you'll come back again (with your family)to discover more of Vancouver's delights!

  8. melissa - so good to put a face to a name - I hope you enjoyed the show

    nicole - got your knits today - gorgeous as usual, I will photograph them and post here soon.

    margie - yes a visit will be nice - I see your hard at work with your beeswax experiments can't wait to see the results - I will say "hi" for you.

    kathleen - I returned home to a house full of sick people - I will have a good rest after this last craft show - I hope to see you soon.

    arlie - I know! I want one too

    geninne - lots of fun - I think the air is different? or maybe it was just me - so much good food there.

    nancy - it was so nice to meet you too! I am dreaming of motomachi ramen.


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