it's been nice to get back into the studio and making - when I was in vancouver I was on a production break and don't get me wrong breaks are good and always rejuvenating, but I belong in the studio. I have had both my parents in the studio working with me and it's been great, my dad is up to helping with anything and mom helps me with the sewing - she also makes us all our meals. the studio is a well oiled machine. I have a new print version of the large pouch - a product that was very popular at the circle craft show. I had printed this version before I left, but there wasn't enough time to sew them, so they will be available online and at the upcoming ooak show - friday is always my day to give myself that extra push to complete all my online orders, on the weekend I will be organizing the stock and my show display. when I was in vancouver I was stressing about everything that had to be done and my approach now is - what ever gets done - gets done - life is too short to fret. I am excited about the show and being able to meet all of you in person. this week we are not accomplishing everything that needs to get done because piper has a terrible cold and last evening when I was helping her get dressed for bed and I was looking at her and the little person she is. I was thinking how it's easy to get caught up in all the work that has to be done, when really the most important thing is this little person who warms my soul.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend - the air is crisp and cool and winter is approaching - so excited for the snow to come!


  1. Here is some love for all the little (and big) people who warm our souls. I hope your wee one is feeling better soon.

  2. I hope she gets better soon

    it's so hard when kids get sick

  3. It is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, isn't it. But I have no doubt that your priorities are in the right place when it comes to your sweet family.

    (I'm super excited for snow too!)

  4. lil p warms all of our souls
    darling child

  5. Your studio sounds like a wonderful place to be right now. What a lot of beautiful cooperation.

    You are so right about your priorities. You will never remember a few sewing projects that don't get done. Leave time for hugs and bedtime stories. Hope she feels better soon.

  6. best wishes to Piper, and for her to feel better soon!

  7. Oh I love the contrast of colours in that pouch! And very wise words re: stress and busy-ness. I've recently adopted that approach too and it's really made a difference in my mood (and mental state of mind) knowing that if something doesn't get done, it's ok. Life will go on. I hope Piper feels better soon and that you stay healthy too.

  8. Pretty print and color combo! How cool that your mom & dad are helping you out. Hope little miss Piper is feeling better :-) Hugs n kisses for you and your beautiful family.


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