happy monday friends!
I hope your weekend was lovely - yesterday was filled with sunshine and folks were wandering the streets without a jacket - oh weather - always playing tricks on me.
I have so much to tell you and such little time - so today I have two posts to tell you about, firstly a new bag - by chance I found a small quantity of this beautiful sailcloth fabric and knew immediately it would make a wonderful bag - because the bag has a coating on it to make it waterproof I couldn't print on it - which is fine - I just thought I would add a few little details like the gusset and the top edge - I really like how nice it looks without the top stitching and the little grommets. please check it out in the shop - there's not going to be a lot made since I only have a small roll of the fabric.
secondly, some of my stationary work is featured in this month's designlines - and to celebrate I made a little set of screen printed tags - I only made a limited amount - so get them while you can. I changed the colours of the porcupine and the hare - they both use to be green and I think these colours really defines john's line drawings. I'm off to spend the day with a new intern (this week only I have three interns, plus of course my new assistant kristen).
enjoy your monday - today is going to be a busy one - will tell you why later! xxa


  1. davis makes a great model
    love the gorgeous gift tags too
    all the best with your flurry of activity.

  2. Everything you make is so beautiful, I just love it! Have a nice week.
    Bye, Anne-Marie

  3. Hi Davis! :) Love the new tote and tags. You are so ridiculously good at what you do!!! :)

  4. Gorgeous as always. Congrats on your busy Monday! (I just saw the reason and had to come by and give my congrats) :D

  5. love the deep blue of the bag. And love the spread in design lines! I like how you arranged the tags a lot.

  6. Congrats on being Featured Seller! Glad I purchased the cute zip pouch yesterday before the rush :)

  7. thanks everyone!

    hi celine
    it's all designlines in the photography and styling - I just provided the work.

  8. Beautiful work again, love the color of the bag and the sheen as well. Marvelously simple. And your photos just get better and better.

  9. you naughty guys !! congrats on the etsy seller feature !
    you know how much I love everything you make, I had a huge self control for not buying everything in the shop when I visited !
    much love oxox

  10. beautiful blue colour for that bag - that fabric was fantastic find. and congrats on the etsy interview - i really enjoyed reading it!

  11. Congrats to both of you on your Etsy feature! Yeah!
    I was so excited when I saw you there!

  12. Great looking bag Arrouna, as someone just said, the dark colour is very nice.

    Sounds like you're shop/studio is quite busy!

    Have you done any dyeing lately?


  13. Would this be a totally impractical diaper bag? I'm going to be a new mom and want something that my husband and I can both use. I love this bag but don't know if I should get something with pockets instead...

  14. hi sally mae
    the fabric would be great as a diaper bag
    email me - I can talk to you about doing one with pockets

  15. hey brian
    yes - will be doing some soon
    for my new market totes

    I miss hanging out with you
    we should do a dye party soon

  16. Hi Arounna,
    I'm not sure if it's intentional, but your etsy listing for the sailcloth bag says it ships from Japan??


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