yesterday was back to school - so nice to have a routine again - lliam was so pleased to be going back to school - he had so much to tell us - afterwards we went to get an after school snack at ella's uncle - I love the chai lattes and chocolate banana loafs they make. summer still felt like it was lingering in the air - we all sat with the sun on our faces enjoying a little chat. not sure if you noticed but the four of us are pretty close - I know we are family and it's a given, but really we enjoy each other's company and it's sweet to see lil' p give lliam a big hug when we pick him up - she affectionately calls him "lee" - it's a good nickname. I over heard him explaining to her how babies are made.
"well daddy went to the store and bought girl seeds and mommy ate the seeds and you grew in her tummy - I saw the tummy it was huge, kinda of like she ate a watermelon whole....um I'm not sure how you came out - I didn't see that part, but I saw you in the hospital and you were tiny."
as promised - images of older bags and book covers - I use to do a lot of free motion stitching of my linen remnants on wool/felt. I hope to find more time to make book covers - maybe for little pocket size books. I really like how lotta helleberg makes them - just beautiful.


  1. I love this! I'm wondering what kind of store sells those seeds ;) Very sweet story. I hope you record these little snippets in a journal somewhere, my children (now 9 and 13) love hearing funny things they said when they were younger.
    Your book covers are beautiful.

  2. lots of beautiful color here
    and liam's story of where p came from made for a perfect morning smile

  3. i love hearing about what comes out of "Lee's" head
    he is so poetic!

  4. oh, Lee .... ;-) what a darling one !! (thanks for sharing !)
    I love love love the two bottom prints, SO very organic, the leaf print is SO my kind of prints !

  5. oh my gosh! that is exactly why I want more than one child! having siblings are just a joy!!
    lee and P are adorable!

  6. Thanks for sharing your story, so sweet..overheard stories between young siblings and/or young friends are priceless and put a smile on my face. I love the book covers and your older stitching projects. Rendell

  7. heehee, that is totally my understanding of how babies are made. love those book covers - i hope you make some more soon.

  8. Okay, I couldn't resist. k -- are you saying that you hope that arounna will make more babies or bookcovers soon? :)


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