as I'm writing this - it's a huge downpour - I remember as a kid going to overnight camp and laying in my bed hearing the rain pitter patter on the roof - the sound of rain is so soothing. well before I doze off.....I wanted to show you some lovely loot I got at the puces pop show last weekend (mittens by million dollar swim - notice the lovely screen printed hang tag by kid icarus, ceramic necklace by amy belanger and lace pouch print by ro) - this year puces pop also made a little catalogue (what a nice idea). if you are in the neighbourhood on saturday pop in to say hi to christine from 2-5pm - she will be working on one of her pieces and you can check out her show and ask her any questions.
p.s. thanks for all the nice words about piper's work - it's hard not to write about her - she is so much a part of my day.
have a wonderful weekend friends - I will be spending my weekend working and catching up with orders and hopefully squeeze some time at the park while this weather holds up. xxa


  1. i do hope it doesn't rain all weekend

  2. I love the rain too. I wrote about it recently. Very soothing and I have childhood associations as well. Lots of it here last night. Took the dog for a walk yesterday evening and my Toms are still wet this morning! Have a good weekend.

  3. Piper has an eye for color :) Don't work too hard this weekend. After reading about Sonia's blog break -- hmmm... have a wonderful fall weekend!

  4. what a lovely stash. so aesthetically pleasing xxx
    leah {sangthebird.com.au}


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