thanks everyone on your kind words on the last post - it means a lot to me that you took a moment to write to me. I wanted to continue showing you prototypes of the new window print (if you're interested in this prototype - it's for sale here). I got caught up with house chores yesterday and got a bit delayed on finishing the day bags in time to be photographed - that's the issue with working with natural light - your always racing for the right light needed. later today I will post the day bags in the etsy shop. I think they're quite stunning. I enjoy prototyping - I also like posting them on the blog (my virtual sketchbook) - I forget about certain designs and sometimes when I look back at older posts I see them in a different light and might re-visit the design again. I am still playing around with the shapes and fabrics, so I will show you more soon. I really like the fragments of the window print on the oblong pouches. I still have two more print designs to show you - I might have to do that next week.
have a great day and see you tomorrow!


  1. i see the love for your making world in every cut and stitch you make

  2. Is this the bag you were hoping to finish this saturday? It is just awesome! I love the shape of the bag. and the print is so bold!

  3. love the new bag....the colours...the printing....the shape. Everything! Just don't love that someone beat me to it on etsy! LOL!

  4. I love the grey on grey, and the new print! where does the drawing come from?

  5. hey ro
    glad you like it
    the drawing was done by john and it's based on his paintings

  6. I love how you always keep on experimenting. I think that's one of the points of art , and craft. Always exploring.


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