I am often inspired by the art my children do - this "fence" drawing was done by lil' p - I'm thinking it would make a great digital print on fabric.
I will have a new guest workshop coming soon - I will announce it when all the details are ironed out - it's going to be a photography workshop - this guest is one of my favourite photographers and stylist. this class is going to be small and when you find out who it is - I have a feeling it will fill up quickly - so excited to tell you!


  1. children's art is just the best, I couldn't agree more !
    oh oh, I have a vague (well, not so vague) idea about the photographer ... (NH or CK ?)

  2. i have an idea who it might be.
    I love p's fence.

  3. I just love kids art... they are beautiful!! Hope you don't mind but I have put the first one on my pinterest.. it's so gorgeous and inspiring! :)

  4. not at all glad you like it

    pretty good guesses sonia

  5. P¡s fence would look amazing on fabric! I wish I could fly into Toronto for each and every workshop at Bookhou :)

  6. What a lovely and energetic drawing. It reminds me of the recently regretted Cy Twombly.

  7. That's one of the reason I love teaching visual art to children. It's so stimulating!


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