hello friends
well august is almost over and school will be starting next week - is it just me or has the summer just flew by? I am excited to have more time to concentrate on bookhou - I decided not to go back teaching this year - first in many years. I will miss teaching, but not the marking. I will also not miss my crazy schedule during the OOAK show (yes - my family I'm sure you won't miss my colour coded schedule for everyone) - between the kids, the shop and teaching - we had to make sure there was someone somewhere and I would assign everyone a colour so that the schedule was easy to read - craziness no more. so this fall aside from the usual production we are gearing up for our busiest season with lots of energy and enthusiasm.
I am also working on a special project that I will share soon - when all the details are ironed out. john has been busy replenishing stock and I managed to get my brother in yesterday to do a bunch of fabric cutting. it's so nice to have him in the studio again - I'm usually by myself and it was nice to have company while you work. the other image is an outtake from b.a.h. 04.
p.s. there's a giveaway over at FB
enjoy your day! - this coming week will be a busy one - I am excited about a special visit next week- more on that later.......xxa


  1. I know each medal has two sides, but we surely pay for too much busyness. Hubby has also decided to downside his work activities & should be home a little more. I am pretty sure everyone in your family (you specially) will enjoy having a little less crazy schedule.
    Can't wait to hear about your special project (unless I already knew about it) & about the special visit coming next week ! xoxox

  2. I'm excited to hear your news
    I love that first photo, it is so vibrant.

  3. I left teaching too and still miss it five years later, but balance is key. I think once a teacher, always a teacher but new found freedom is a good thing. Yes, summer has been a blink!

  4. Love that photo of John working away. You guys make the best team.


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