some outtakes from b.a.h issue 03 - I have the hardest time choosing the right images to convey my idea - I have so many that I love - here are some of them. trying to get as much work done before I head to muskoka for the arts and crafts show starting on friday july the 15th. I will be heading up on thursday evening. I hope your week is going well so far. be sure to check out the video I posted on my fb on block printing in india - as well our mention in lucky magazine.


  1. well, the outtakes are just as great as the ones you decided to pick !
    wishing you the best for the show ! Talk to you soon

  2. oh, these photos are great!

  3. Loved the video on block printing so much. It took me back home, especially the part where one finds oneself next to a cow on the street and it is just ok! :D. Block prints are beautiful. Traditional motifs follow a specific kind of symmetry which make them very well balanced and thus very appealing and everlasting. I hope you visit India sometime. It does have such a vast heritage in craft techniques and textiles; a place a textile designer/artist would just love. Thanks for sharing again.

  4. Beautiful photos. Yummy looking pie!

  5. The block printing video is amazing. Is that wood they are carving into? Have a great show in Muskoka!

  6. thanks everyone,
    so glad you like the outtakes too!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video - john sent it to me.
    yes adam that is wood that they carving. such incredible detail!

  7. love these photos!
    good luck with the show :)

  8. I love these photos and I'm such a fan of your site. I didn't realize your shop is in Toronto (i'm from Waterloo), I can't wait to visit it sometime!


  9. i love that bag that's in lucky, i think i have to get one next time i'm in. and the pie looks great! xo


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