hello friends I hope you had a wonderful weekend - the weather has been sensational - lliam had left a few days early to the cottage and we were with only lil' p for three days and it was kinda of strange and also more relaxing with one child. wow I forgot how much easier one child is - things like eating, bathing and walking with. some things planned for this week is busy making work for the upcoming Muskoka show and filling wholesale orders - I also plan to launch the next issue of b.a.h. mag - it's almost done just a tweak here and there - plus a giveaway! in the photos - one of my favourite projects to take to the cottage is carving - completely portable and extremely relaxing. I usually start with a spoon blank - I find the blank saves me time and I can begin shaping right away - in a few days I will show you what I made. I'm a big fan of Abigail's work - the details are just extraordinary.
enjoy the start to your week friends! xxa


  1. hope you are having a wonderful time at the cottage
    the spoon in the making is wonderful
    of course i am a big fan of abigail's work too

  2. I would love to try carving one day. It does seem like a special (and portable) project. I also love Abigail's work, so fine and tactile.

  3. Looking forward to your spoon! What a great thing to do - yes, I can see how that is soooo relaxing. Hope you'll have a good week.

  4. adorei a priemira e segunda foto. este tipo de trabalho inspira-me. Lindo!

  5. LOVING to look at your process (thanks for sharing these beautiful photos)
    Abigail's bird is so gorgeous too, you have such a great sense/feeling for taking photos !!

  6. J'aime beaucoup votre blog :)


  7. I would love to try my hand at carving. Any suggestions, perhaps book- or blog-wise, to get one started?
    I love both your and Abigail's work, so refreshing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with the world! :)


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