before the blog - I spent more time in my sketchbook - a journal - a record - for my ideas and drawings - these pages I would turn to for my inspiration.
some of these pages goes back over 10 years.


  1. That's a very lovely sketchbook you have there!

    Blogging can be a bit of a time sucker, can't it. There is so much fantastic stuff out there - it just never ends.

  2. Really beautiful!
    I have kept all my sketch books and love browsing through them...

    Have a good long weekend.

  3. those are filled with incredible beauty

  4. These are wonderful to look at - well worth keeping and coming back to indeed...

  5. I always enjoy seeing the backstage of creative minds!

  6. I could've spent a couple of years going trough all your journals and myriads of little drawers in your studio! So, so inspiring!

  7. your sketchbook is very inspiring! i go through phases where i sketch a lot, and then forget about it for months, although i've never been one to work out project ideas, only just drawing. all your little ideas are artworks in themselves.

  8. Your sketchbook is a such a thing of beauty. It inspires me to take a little more time with my own, where ideas are usually scrawled and hastily sketched. Thank you for sharing the pages.

  9. thanks everyone
    I'm glad you enjoyed a little peek
    I love going over old drawings and re-inventing it for my current textile work.

  10. oh my goodness, thank you for not showing them to me when I was there, I think I would have spent my whole time looking at them !
    your sketchbooks are so neatly kept, it's not messy, everything is so clear, and yes, endless source of imagination for your lines of textile or paper products, endless I agree.
    I'm so in love with everything you make.

  11. What a beautiful book! I've found I hardly sketch anymore since I have starting working in fiber. But now I see there are ways of doing it, and they're SO beautiful!


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