yesterday was a big day - it was lliam's last day at jk - in the photo of the kids you might notice a vertical line - when I was going through the photos I couldn't find one with both of them that worked so I paste two that I did like together (silly I know - but it works). john and I are so lucky to have beautiful, healthy and happy children. when I look at this photograph I feel like lliam looks so grown up for a 5 year old (time does go too fast). I also like how lil' p's hair is growing in - adorable little curls. lliam's latest obsession is lego - his cousin is in san diego and will be visiting lego land and we thought the next best thing was the new lego shop in a mall close by. he was thrilled and quickly found something he liked - he hugged the box all the way home - and was so proud of himself for putting the pieces together even though the box said 7-14 yrs - he reminded me several times how he was able to do an older boy's toy. I wanted to also show you a bag I am playing around with combining printing and dyeing. when I first started dyeing it was always my intention to find a way to combine them both. I like how it turned out. I also took a night photo of the bird decals casting shadows. thanks to everyone who came by to see the show yesterday - it was so nice to meet you all. I am thinking I might do the giveaway next week on the launch day of b.a.h. issue 03. I hope you don't mind waiting a few more days.
this weekend is a holiday. happy canada day to all my canadian friends! I hope you enjoy yourself. see you soon xxa


  1. The bag looks beautiful. Love the pattern.

  2. they both look so grown up. my boys loved legos too, and still do well into teenagehood.

  3. A pair of sweeties. No wonder you are proud.

  4. just the effect i was hoping for and of course your two are adorable.
    ray and i celebrated the last of our four graduating from high school last night and I must admit i didn't get up before dawn this morning:)

  5. the decals that Margie made are totally fantastic, they're so realistic, like several flocks of birds migrating to the same place !
    what a sweet photo of your two cutie pies, and well done to L for managing to build older children's toys ! So he went for the small kind of Legos, not the Duplo ones, I guess :) BIG boy !!
    The bag is so pretty ! what did you dye it with ?

  6. and of course I forgot to wish you a wonderful Canada Day on Saturday ! oxox

  7. thanks everyone!

    sonia - I used pomegranate with iron
    my new favourite dye. thanks for the canada day wishes - tomorrow will be spent loafing and watching fireworks. xx

  8. lovely kids :) They look so happy... beautiful bag !!!!

  9. Both your children looked so pensive in different ways.
    BTW< I hope that you will sell that bag on etsy soon-loving it!!!!
    WY :-)))


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