once in awhile I turn a blind eye to all the work I have to do and pack the family in the car and head to the cottage for some much needed rest. even though it was a bit chilly - the sun was out and we all had such a wonderful time - and only at the cottage do you find vending machines that sell live bait - during our trip there were a few highlights - one was seeing a turtle about to cross the road - we pulled over and I was about to take his photo, but he made a mad dash into the marsh - I thought turtles were slow - not this one - he was a foot wide and double in length (the dark shape in the photo above is the turtle) - the other highlight was this wonderful sand dune near sauble beach - the picture looks deceiving - it was quite a climb - this photo was taken right after john and the kids ran down. we got back late last night and the house is a mess - so lots to do today before I can begin my work. we will have to take a mini getaway again.....really soon. I hope your weekend was fun like ours.


  1. I agree, totally agree, you, we all need to get away from everything from time to time, it's really vital.
    So glad you could do that this weekend, it really looked like fun !!

  2. love the tall blowing grass

    john looks so content

  3. looks like a fun time
    the beach does look cold
    the grass is so green

  4. i really miss not having a cottage as I did as a child
    i spent my entire summer barefoot and carefree until about the age of 13 when I had my first summer job.


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