new natural dye bags - the mini and the day bag - I am adding them slowly (I have a few more) to the etsy shop. just so you know these dye patterns are completely one of a kind and cannot be repeated. I hope you like them and that some of you are enjoying the heat of this summer. it's been three years without air conditioning and I'm giving in and getting it installed soon. I hope your week is going well :)


  1. gorgeous gorgeous bags, Arounna ! Being unable to be repeated has its proper charm & breaks the mass-made "impersonality". At least, these are extra unique.

  2. thanks sonia!- less mass made is always better

    thanks julie - looking forward to the 16th for our dyeing party - hope the little indigo will be ready!

  3. I'm back again : ) will you add more day bags in your shop?


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